The NamNgiep River is originated from mountain ranges of 1900 m above sea water level,  The project is located approximately 30 km far from the center of Xieng khuang province and 5 km from Koun District in South Direction. Administratively, the project is arranged in the territory of Koun District, Xiengkhuang Province. Geographic location of dam site is as follows:

19’17’54” Northern latitude  ,103’21’58” Eastern longitude

The project is located very near from the road No.1. The access road to dam site will constructed from Ban Naho about 2300m to dam site, From dam site to powerhouse site should be constructed new road approximately 2500 m. Main objective of the project is power generation with the installed capacity of 44 MW, supplies an annual average power production of approximately 145 million kWh for the national grid. Therefore, construction of the project has positive impact on conditions for livelihood and economy development in the area.


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