Nam Kong 2 (66 MW), Attapeu province  under construction:

Nam Kong 2 is one of the hydro-power plants that generates electrical power for domestic consumption, which has increased year on year, In line with the government policy.

The dam construction site is located about 40 km from Attapeu, some 27 km beyond Phouvong district. The powerful flow of the Nam Kong River is ideal for the generation of electricity. This river runs for around 72 kilometers upstream of the Dam, which gives the project of Nam Kong 2 a water catchment area of around 861 Km2.

The project was supported by a technical design consultant company with skilled foreign engineers, having more than 50 years’ experience in constructing Dam projects, (including nearly 20 years in Laos). Those companies were such as, ILF Consulting Co. Ltd. (Austria), Right Tunneling Co, Ltd (Thailand), Whessoe (Malaysia), Pöyry (Finland), who surveyed, designed, procured materials and equipment, monitored the construction progress and tested the construction to International standards.

Construction of Nam Kong Hydro Power 2 will be complete in April 2017 after which the production of electricity for sale to Laos Electricity Co., Ltd. can begin, estimated to generate 263.11 GW /hrs per annum to earn on average, 22 million dollars annually



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