Constructor and construction building

KP CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD is the only company under CSG which provide housing and transportation construction service. Established in 2016. With more than 10 years of experienced manpower, fully equipment and tools. KP construction's alliance including Building Construction and design
Local and international advisory
TK Lao Group in/out bound
Archineer Associates CO.,LTD
Management 103 for designer advisory
This including reasonable price garage service for vehicle and machine.     


KP Integrated Construction and Road
ChaleunSekong Group Co., LTD
KP Integrated Construction and Road
South Road No 13, Lomsaknue Village, Bachieng district,
Champasak Province, Lao P.D.R
Tel: (+856-30) 9622246, Fax: (+856-31) 900488

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