January 23, 2017

Nam Kong 2 (66 MW), Attapeu province  under construction:

Nam Kong 2 is one of the hydro-power plants that generates electrical power for domestic consumption, which has increased year on year, In line with the government policy.

The dam construction site is located about 40 km from Attapeu, some 27 km beyond Phouvong district. The powerful flow of the Nam Kong River is ideal for the generation of electricity. This river runs for around 72 kilometers upstream of the Dam, which gives the project of Nam Kong 2 a water catchment area of around 861 Km2.


January 23, 2017

Xenamnoy 1  hydropower plant is located at Pengphukham Village-Samakhixay District Attapeu Province, 50 km distance from Attapeu Province and 35 km to Sekong province.


Install capacity                  14.8 MW

Number of Generater      2 unit

Capacity                             7.4 MW/NO.

Generation                         80           GWh/Year


January 23, 2017

Xenamnoy 6  hydropower plant is located at Namtuad Village Paksong District Champasak Province


Install capacity                  5.0         MW

Capacity                             2.5         MW

Generation                         27           GWh/Year


January 23, 2017

The NamNgiep River is originated from mountain ranges of 1900 m above sea water level,  The project is located approximately 30 km far from the center of Xieng khuang province and 5 km from Koun District in South Direction. Administratively, the project is arranged in the territory of Koun District, Xiengkhuang Province. Geographic location of dam site is as follows:

19’17’54” Northern latitude  ,103’21’58” Eastern longitude


January 23, 2017

Nam Kong 3 HPP is expected to construct on Name Kong river, the I graded branch of the SeKong
river is originated from mountain arranged in the territory of PhuVong District, Attapu Province
Geographic location of dam site is as follows,

14.34.34 Northern latitude, 106.55.27 Eastern longitude


June 14, 2017

Project location and river basin overview:

The Nam E-Moun Project is located in Southern Laos on the Nam E-Moun and Houay Het Rivers, 30 kilometres north-east of Sekong in Sekong province. The Houay Het River is tlie ai tributary of the Nam E­ Moun River, and the Nam E-Moun River is a main tributary on the left bank of the Sekong River. The Houay Het River has a catchment area of 254 km2  at the diversion  dam site and the Nam E-Moun River a catchment area of 208 km2  at the main dam site.


March 01, 2017

The Namphak Hydropower Project (Namphak HPP) is location at the south-western corner of the Bolaven Plateau,approximately 10 km south west of Paksong in the southern region of Lao PDR, and takes advantage of a 700 m difference in elevation between the plateau and the plains to the south. The project will collect the runoff from a number of streams on the plateau that flow generally north-west and south-west and convey  this via two diversions to the Nam Pa reservoir. The preferred scheme comprises a storage lake and generating facility sited on the banks of the Houay Namphak at the base of the plateau escarpment and has a total installed capacity of 150 MW.


March 03, 2017

Nam Ang project site is located in Sanxay district , Attapeu province, at the southeastern end of the country, about 50 km eastern of the Boloven plateau. Nam Ang ang Nam Thabeng catchment ares extend between elevation 200 masl and 1450 masl. Both rivers are right bank tributaries of the Xekaman River.
The project area , as per the MOU Signed on 11/03/2011 between the Joint Venture of ECI and VELCAN Energy, includes a network of a dozen of streams, all tributaries of the Nam Ang and Nam Thabeng river as shown in Figure 1-3.
Nam Ang project consists in the first phase of The Nam Ang-Thabeng river development project. It is a "run off the river" scheme, located on the Nam Ang River. The 16.5 m high dam is planned to be located in a narrow valley, difficult to  access and currently inhabited. Thus , expected social and environmental impacts of the projects are believed to be minor,and easy to mitigate.

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