Production and sells of crushed rock

           Chaleun Rock Crushing Factory established in 2015 in Ban Kaewyaw village , Bachieng district, Champasak Province. With 100% private investment of 5,814,500,000 Kib or 24,743,000 Baht. To produce rock to supply for projects both local and nationwide market. Production area of 5 Hectar, 4 mahines with 75 and 200 Kilowatt. Production cabaility of 250 meter unit. Machine and seperate 4 type of rocks. Small rock for box clay and basecot, Rock No.5, Rock No.10 and 20 for road surface and No.40 for basecot. To support various projects such as Road, Dam with fast and ontime service.     


ChaleunSekong Rock Crushing Factory
ChaleunSekong Rock Crushing Factory
20 Rd, Ban Thongsala, Bachieng district,
Champasak province, Lao P.D.R
Tel: (+856-31) 259999, (+856-30) 9177752

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