C.S.C. Complex Center 

About US

    C.S.C.Complex Center Co.,Ltd. is another business unit in Notice company growth Sekong construct construction sites of former company growth as the construction turnkey Limited registered under the laws of Laos Sekong with capital initial 2,0 billion until 2013, became company is growing Kong krub limited only by increasing capital is 5,0 billion within 5 years of the business, the company has developed itself to be developed significantly and quickly by parallel to develop the growth of the nation.
Which is the source of award medals developed grade 3 from Choummaly Sayasone President of Laos given some companies flourish as Construction comprehensive limited effect, the virtues contribute equipment Foster giving to Congress the 5th of the Party Committee in Champasak province in 2015 such works as contribute significantly to building developing nations and also companies we also certificate, certificate Congratulations, Honorable from leaders - Party with pride and consistent policy of the company will be Sekong krub limit alone is committed to the development of economic business along with the growth of the four southern Laos as people across the country that the next step
Company Lao AMD phelak Gasoline alone also plans to expand its CA's eTrust phelak Gasoline alone cover across the province Bolikhamxai province of Savannakhet, Laos capital Vientiane and Luang Prabang, which will allow people across the country have the opportunity to buy goods cheap and good quality more easily with one of his tour under criteria Company Lao AMD phelak Gasoline alone (home treatment of active is good)
The target market of the company RCA's eTrust phelak Gasoline who alone is focused on customers, the core and center of services in wholesale and retail equipment, construction decoration which customers most of the people, since the Open Service
Until now companies NCAA's eTrust phelak Gasoline alone our partners more than 250 companies, especially companies Dynasty Tile top Thailand is the same goal to expand more branches across the country to support the launch of Economic ASEAN (AEC)


The Kingdom is the largest building materials in Lao PDR. Laos. And are complemented by the construction equipment Decorated with a group home A modern fitness facility Creating maximum satisfaction to the customers in terms of quality and service on a global level. 


1. It is a leader in the distribution of construction materials. And fitness The largest Lao PDR. Laos.
2. centric comprehensive modernization in the new format.
3. To support the growth of civil society. Comprehensive strategy of opening an ASEAN Community (AEC: Asean Economics Community).
4. A maximum satisfaction to customers in product quality, service and price. Delivering services on a global level.
5. Create a brand of self-image. The Customer Trust
6. Develop and maintain personnel in local human resources. Happy and Proud to work internationally.
7. commitment to exemplary corporate development. For the development of local food businesses to prosper. international equivalent
8. strengthening the organization continued. With the creation of profits and good returns in the long term. For shareholders and employees