Product and distibuiltion of sand

       Established in 2012, company license No. 0609 on 13/07/2012. Capital of 300 million kip or around 1.3 million baht. Being the only mining business in 2 points. Point1: Ban Nongbuathong village, Bachieng district. Champasack Province, with area of 3 Hectar, consists of 11 mining has a production cabability of 200 cubic meter of sand and 300 cubic meter of mineral. Point2: Ban Huaydon, Ponthong in Champasack district. With area of 2 Hectar, 4 mining boad. Production cabability of 100 cubic meter of sand and 150 cubic meter of mineral


Chaleun Sand –Mireral Sole Co., Ltd
ChaleunSekong Concrete Batching Factory
Sand-Mineral Department
South Road No 13, Lomsaknue Village, Bachieng district,
Champasak Province, Lao P.D.R
Tel: (+856-31) 215 678-9, (+856-20) 9866 4444

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