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The Chaleun Sekong Group Co., Ltd.

CSG Group., Ltd. (Chaleun Sekong Group Limited)   was established and first registered in 2009 as Chaleun Sekong Construction Co., Ltd. in Sekong Province with a registered share capital of Two Billion Lao Kips. It later changed its name to the current one, Chaleun Sekong Group Co., Ltd  and increased the share capital to Five Trillion Lao Kips .

The present , CSG Group Co., Ltd has evolved into the holding and investment company of the integrated construction, road building group of companies.

It is specially committed to investment in hydropower energy, already owning and operating three hydropower plants, with a total 64 Mw generating capacity, with another plant of 66 Mw under  construction, and  two further projects with 200 MW generating capacity in the technical assessment and planning stage.

The company has also invested in a construction materials Hyper-Market, the CSC Complex, the first and largest branch being in Pakse, the southern part of Laos, with two new branches under construction in Vientiane Capital, and Borlikhamxay Province.


2009:  Chaleun Sekong Construction Company Limited was established as Chaleun Sekong Construction Company Limited, in Sekong Province, to                be a contractor for buildings and roads, for both the government and private sectors, with registered share capital of Two Billion Lao Kips. 
2011:  Chaleun Sekong Construction Company Limited started expanding its range of services and construction activities to include housing,                        irrigation and many other kinds of projects too.
2013:  The Company changed its name to Chaleun Sekong Group Company Limited in 2013 and increased the registered capital from Two Billion                Lao Kips to Five Trillion Lao Kips, achieved by completing high value construction projects, which included 16 projects throughout three                      provinces: Champasak, Saravan and Sekong Provinces totalling investments of 1,876.6 Trillion Lao Kips
2014:  The company continued to diversify its range of investments into other business areas including: Two sand dredging plants ,

            Two concrete plants ,  Two rock crushing plants ,  A brick factory  ,  A pig farm , A gas station
2015:  The company invested in Hyper-Market, the CSC Complex Center which sells a complete and comprehensive range of construction         

            materials, with more than 100.000 stock items, which has become the biggest construction material trade center in southern of Lao.
2016: The Company began investing in the construction of new CSC complex Centers for both Vientiane Capital, and Borikhamxay Province. 
           Today, Chaleun Sekong Group Co.,Ltd. is one of the strongest and leading construction businesses in Lao PDR, achieved by offering outstanding quality and service, project management experience, a comprehensive range of tools and equipment. It has embarked on strategic investments in hydropower energy already owning 3 operating hydropower stations generating a total of 64 MW; and has a 66MW hydropower station under construction, due to begin generation in 2017; and two projects with a combined capacity of 200 MW, in the planning stages.